Starting The Sports' Season

Leaving the classroom for the gym for most part of a school morning, was a privilege that was given to the first and second year Primary School pupils shortly before the Easter holidays on the 7th April 2017. And the total amount of approximately 350 little athletes proved that they were indeed ready for the challenge.

Divided into 16 mixed European groups, the children started the challenging indoor course by singing the warming-up song "Theo, Theo is fit as a fiddle". The children were then asked to pass 16 stations with 5 minutes long exercises that required a diversity of skills, including dexterity, strength and balance. Thus, the children balanced on a seesaw, walked on unsteady rope bridges in different heights, climbed up on poles, swung over a ditch like Tarzan, threw balls into a pyramid of cans and did many more activities. At the last station, they were able to hit the dancefloor to the sound of a Bollywood song. Displaying a lot of energy and enthusiasm, the ambitious athletes mastered the physical challenges brilliantly. Despite feeling sweaty and exhausted after having completed the 90 minutes indoor course, the children concluded "Today we have indeed done some exercise!"