Concert To Join In

On the 15th February 2017, the year 5 Primary School pupils have already been musically prepared for their transition to Secondary School. The Secondary School's orchestra, led by Mrs. Moskwa and the Big Band, led by Mr Ready, performed a great concert for them.

In the Europahalle, they played three songs, ranging from classic to modern pop. During the concert the young audience was encouraged to actively take part and to learn musical terms. Among other things, they learned how to recognise different measures and off-beats and how to clap to the rhythm. Some pupils were even allowed to support the conductor. The young audience listened attentively and took part with a lot of enthusiasm. It was a great opportunity for the young musicians to prove their musical talent once again. After the concert, there were standing ovations for the musicians and the organising music teacher Mrs Moskwa and Mr Ready.

Many of the Primary School pupils said that they wanted to join either the orchestra or the big band once they reach the Secondary School next school year.

A successful musical activity as part of the transition!