Olympic games at our primary school!

| News Grundschule

On 23 May, the French-speaking section organised Olympic Games to celebrate Paris 2024. 380 students took part in 9 sports discovery workshops as diverse as football for the visually impaired, table tennis, badminton, 60m sprint, hip-hop, high jump, hockey, javelin throw and basketball.

The day began with an official ceremony with the presentation of the Olympic flame from 5EL to 5FR, a parade of flags and an official speech to open the games by Anastazija Avsec, Director of the Kindergarten/Primary School.

Afterwards, 380 pupils from all classes P3, P4 and P5, supported by the pupils from the French-speaking classes and the parents of the section, took part in sports activities before the medal ceremony and the closing speech by Flemming Stie, Assistant Deputy Director Nursery & Primary, who emphasised the Olympic motto: "Citius, Altius, Fortius - communiter", which means "faster, higher, stronger - together". The day ended with a huge flash mob organised by Jana Hesse. Everyone will remember this sunny, sporty and happy event!