Pirates rescue stories

| News Grundschule

It is an important concern of the European School Munich to promote curiosity about books and the joy of reading. The Italian section of the Primary School therefore organised a special literary education project to encourage children to read and to engage in a critical exchange about books: "Pirates Salvastorie" - pirates rescue stories.

In October and November, literature teacher Valeria Giaquinto visited the Italian classes several times to read books from the school library with the primary school pupils and to learn how to talk about and review literature. The children were introduced to the topic in a playful way. They picked books from a decorated box, matched texts and illustrations, and played games that went with the books they read. Finally, after everyone had read and reviewed several books, there was a pirate party. At this party, the books were evaluated by the classes. The students put the books in order of how they had liked them best. The best books were awarded a pirate treasure sticker, the not so good ones got a shark sticker.

The enthusiastic reactions of the pupils showed that the project had given them a lot of pleasure. The European School Munich wishes all the pupils that they retain their curiosity and enjoyment of reading and talking about what they have read beyond the project and that they may discover many more literary treasures in their lives.