School Life Quite Differently

After more than ten years, an era will come to an end, namely that of the proven pupils’ exchange with the neighbouring Rennertschule. With the relocation of the entire Primary School to the Fasangarten site in September 2019, it will no longer be possible to continue the exchange with the Rennertschule for logistical reasons. 

From the 12th - 15th November 2018, nine pupils of years 4 from the ESM and pupils from the Rennertschule took part in the exchange for the last time. 

The exchange grants valuable insights into a German school system. At the same time, it provides the children the opportunity to gain experiences and practical knowledge in a different social and school environment. Pupils whose mother tongue is not German, can deepen their language skills in the German-speaking surrounding of the Rennertschule. In addition, the exchange encourages children to become more independent and to enjoy meeting other children.

Most of the participating pupils of the ESM felt that the exchange was a diverse and enriching experience in their school life. The change of perspectives made many appreciate the facilities at the ESM even more: the big play ground, the exciting and multi-lingual books in the library as well as the care and support of the nurses.

For many years, the pupils’ exchange between the European School Munich and the Rennertschule opposite of the ESM has been an integral part of the Primary School’s curriculum. We would like to express our gratitude for the long and smooth running cooperation. We hope to be able to establish a new exchange with a primary school in the immediate neighbourhood.