Kick-Off For The Carnival Fools

Acrobatic performances and creative sketches spell-bounded the little fools at the pre-carnival celebration in the Europahalle on the 17th February 2017. Cowboys, Indians, princesses, knights, superheroes as well as many wild beasts were up to mischief in the Primary School on this day.

There was a fascinating carnival show, performed by Secondary School students and teachers. Also, the little carnival fools from Kindergarten were invited.

There were three stunning performances by the acrobatics group, conducted by Bernd Auerhammer and two magical performances by our stand-up comedian, Frank Laughton. All the pupils were mesmerised by the performances on stage and in the end there were standing ovation for the acrobats and for the funny magician. Five times they were allowed to present their skills and entertain the young audience. At the end of the last shows, the director of the Primary School thanked the artists personally.

The atmosphere was lively and cheerful as the "5th season", to which carnival is referred to, combines fun with daily routine.

A dazzling start to the holidays!