Drumming On Sheet Metal

To generate the sound of the Caribbean heartbeat from cut off oil barrels? This is possible with steel drums as hardly any other instrument is as easy to learn! They are known from the music styles of Rumba, Salsa and Merengue.

Between 23rd January and 2nd May 2017, the Caribbean drum teacher and music instructor Marcos Moreno from Spain gave lessons to year 1 to 5 Primary School pupils from the English, Spanish and French language sections. Each class received drum lessons during regular school hours.

With great sensitivity and energy, Marcos Moreno taught the children simple rhythmic exercises thus introducing them to the instruments and familiarising them with counting methods. Simple melodies and rhythmic chords were practiced without notes and often accompanied with playback music, which served as rhythm guidance. Group drumming allowed the children to explore new ways of communicating, such as listening and relating to each other. Even less outgoing children became fully involved. A sense of achievement usually develops fast and so the children very soon were able to drum quite a few rhythms and melodies. The entertaining aspect cannot be denied either as drumming Caribbean rhythms are simply great fun!

All participating children developed their own access to the steel pans during the course, especially because Marcos Moreno responded spontaneously and flexibly to individual needs. During the concerts, the young musicians created a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere with these strongly resonant and bell-like sounding instruments, conjuring up a Caribbean feeling and impressively interweaving it with well-known melodies.