About Dragons And Dinosaurs

We had waited for a long time before we could welcome the children's book author Ute Krause who read aloud from two of her beautifully illustrated story books to an audience, consisting of three year 1 one year 2 classes from the German language section. All the children sat quietly and were very exciting when the author from Berlin entered the room. Prior to the event, the children had learned about the cosmopolitan background of the author who had lived in several countries and continents. Katrin Rüger from the "Buchpalast" in Haidhausen had arranged this visit.

Up until now, she has illustrated 400 children's books, wrote and illustrated 27 of her own children's books, which were translated into many languages ​and turned into TV films. Her work has been widely acclaimed and even nominated for the German Youth Literary Prize. The first year pupils listened to the story of "Oskar and the very hungry dragon", in which Oskar, the next victim of the voracious dragon, can alter his fate away with the help of his wit and great skill by promising for the dragon to serve him delicious food forever. The dragon enjoys the food so much that he decides to open a restaurant with Oskar for the entire village community as well as for all other dragons. From then onwards, everyone lives peacefully side by side.

In the second story, the little dragon "Minus Three" wants a pet. He comes up with some crazy ideas to prove to his parents, who are initially skeptical, that he is indeed capable of looking after a pet. Finally, the dragon's parents agree and "Minus Three" gets Lucy, a caveman, as a pet.

By using illustrations from her books and by her entertaining reading style, she truly captivated the children from first to the last minute.

A big thank you goes to Ute Krause, for 1.5 hours of wonderful book presentation and to Katrin Rüger, for her tireless commitment in promoting reading!