A Surprising Reunion

It has been quite a while since our current first year Primary School pupils were considered as the youngest children in our school community. They have grown up fast in the last months and are able to read and write now, and a lot more. The pupils of the class 1 DeB covered the famous poem "The Tulip" by Josef Guggenmoos as part of their spring theme "Early Bloomers". By coincidence, the Kindergarten children of the "Eichhörnchen" group also discussed this topic and learned all about the tulip with the help of this poem. This virtually called for a joint project! On the 6th April 2017, the children of year 1 DeB Primary School and the "Eichhörnchen" Kindergarten group met in the Kindergarten sports' hall for a "spring afternoon".

Both the Primary School pupils and the Kindergarten children were very happy and had eagerly prepared and rehearsed for this event, but the highlight of this meeting was clearly the sponsorships; every Kindergarten child was teamed up with a Primary School pupil as a friend, helper and supporter! Thus, the colourful programme could be started.

The first years recited their poem, wonderfully illustrated with coloured picture panels. In return, the Kindergarten children explained the growth of the tulip with the help of different cloths. Afterwards, the teams of two took part in different activities. Easter cards were made, picture puzzles edited, an Easter game played and sunflower seeds planted.

The schoolchildren demonstrated a lot of patience, responsibility, joy and empathy while working and playing with the little ones and fully enjoyed their visit in their "old" Kindergarten. The Kindergarten children in return, found it great to have a schoolchild all to themselves, they were proud to show their skills and knowledge, and are looking forward to entering school themselves soon, as now everyone already has a friend or two there.

Everyone enjoyed this transition project. It was wonderful to see how well and harmoniously the children interacted with each other!