World Of Wisdom And Fantasy

Children read every day; on the Internet, on smartphones, on display boards and of course in school. Reading books, however, provides access to knowledge, creativity and imagination, which is of vital importance.

Following last year's big school project "Appetite Comes From Reading", it was decided to hold the reading week at the Primary School simultaneously to the Munich "Bücherschau" for children. Therefore, we held our reading week from the 13th to 17th March 2017. The library, which subscribed to the motto "how is a book this school year, organised visits to publishers and printing houses for school classes. The excursion of class P1Fra from Cecile Delas to publishing house arsEdition on Friday, 10th March marked the opening of the reading week. At the publishing house, the children were very interested and listened intently to all the explanations of the two-hour tour through the departments of publishing house.

During the reading week, the library offered presentations on two aspects of book making. Firstly, the historical aspect from the cave painting about 30,000 years ago to the present book was covered. The pupils were shown a clear time scale as well as a world map with all time periods and countries indicated that had contributed to the invention of writing, paper and book making. Lots of vivid images were presented, and viewing material, e.g. papyrus, parchment paper, a Roman book roll, a model of the Gutenberg press, and many more items relevant to the era.

Secondly, the making of a book was discussed from the initial idea to the actual writing of the manuscript to the finished print product. What does an author do?, What does the editor do in a publishing house?, What does a publisher have to think about before publishing a book?, What different areas of activity are there in a publishing house and what are they about? A pressure banner, what a capital volume, what are the individual parts of a book? The children were given visual material as well as in-depth answers and explanations to these questions. Short films for children about book making, book binding, in different languages were screened in the Primary School's assembly hall during the whole week.

A French "Kamishibai" presentation - a form of paper theatre in a showcase - for the Kindergarten children rounded off the library's programme during the reading week and provided many impressions about the book and contributed to the promotion of reading.