The importance of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the social context, its opportunities and risks have led to new competency requirements for children and young people. These skills have become one of the important prerequisite for the participation in social and professional life.

ICT is not introduced in the primary level of the European Schools in the sense of a separate "computer science" subject, but is employed to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning of different subjects. Through this application, pupils become familiar with a variety of technological tools, and develop a set of skills that forms the base for the ICT lessons taught at the secondary level.

Two newly equipped computer rooms and interactive whiteboards in classrooms support the teaching of all subjects. Also courses in European hours (i.e. pupils' newspaper) offer to use for years the possibility of ICT in a language and cross-curricular framework. A robot course with Lego price EV3 is offered to year 5 pupils, enabling project-oriented work with the use of ICT at a higher level.

The annual reprogramming is an important element in ensuring the further development of the school in terms of ICT.

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