Physical education is a concept at the ESM that is put into practice in sports lessons. This implies that both education in sports as well as education through sports are addressed. Especially social skills can be perfectly encouraged, strengthened and deepened in physical education.

Doing sports together means to educate pupils not only within a class, but also with other classes and across language sections. The "Dutch programme", in which 6 different classes from three language sections participate, is a good example. By linking the various learning areas and by adding to the sport disciplines learning content tailored for children ensures that a dynamic and diverse physical education can be held.

Through in-house training courses, workshops and team-teaching sessions, the quality and up-to-datedness of physical education is maintained and further developed. On a regular basis, new content is introduced and new type of sports are offered, such as "Zumba" or "Slackline".

The educational concept of performance is considered to be the guiding principle for physical education at the ESM. Not the absolute performance should be evaluated, but the motivation, the efforts, the willingness, the motivation, the individual learning progress and last, but not least, the interaction with fellow classmates.

Physical education at the ESM also means a variety of activities. In addition to the physical education curriculum, firmly established annual events are held, which are welcomed enthusiastically by pupils, teachers and parents. The game and sports day, the football tournament, or the ski race, are highlights of each school year.

Other activities that pupils also particularly enjoy, are swimming and class trips, which include physical exercise and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.