Staying Fit and Healthy throughout the School Year

The Health Service is part of the consultation and support structure of the European School Munich. Both students and parents may contact the nurses if they have any questions regarding their health.

The nurses are responsible for the following tasks

  • First aid services in emergencies
  • Care of chronically sick children with diabetes, epilepsy, etc.
  • Administration and monitoring of medication
  • Prevention and control of infectious and chronic diseases in cooperation with the local health authorities
  • Reporting and administration of school and after-school-care accidents
  • If required, escorting students to hospital
Primary Care for Illnesses

Chronic illnesses
If a child suffers from a chronic illness, parents should inform the nurses. In this context, it would be important to know in which hospital the child has been treated in order to save time in case of an emergency. The nurses should be informed if a student is taking medication during school hours. Emergency medication or medication which has to be administered over a longer period can be stored in the nurses' room. This would require the document "Administration of medication" to be completed and to be submitted to the nurses together with the medication Children from the Primary School are not allowed to administer their own medication.

Infectious illnesses
On preventative grounds we kindly ask the parents to inform the school of any infectious diseases. This is compulsory according the infection protection laws. Only then, and in collaboration with the regional health board, the spreading or at least the confinement of an illness can be avoided. School attendance is then only permitted with a doctor's certificate. If illnesses occur that are listed in the Infection Protection Law, all parents of the class community will be informed anonymously.

Nurses’ Station

During breaks and in their free periods, students can visit the nurses' room in case of illness and during lessons after consultation with the teacher. If a student feels unwell or has an accident in the course of the school day then he/she may visit the nurses' room, provided that he/she is accompanied. The nurse will note down the visit of a Secondary School student in the liaison book. The student should then show this note to the teacher on his/her return to the class room. If the student can no longer stay at school for health reasons, the parents will be informed and requested to pick up their child.


In the event of a serious accident taking place on the school grounds, an emergency doctor will be called. The injured student should be accompanied to hospital. The nurses will immediately inform the parents.

Students are insured in the event of an accident occurring on the school premises or on the way to school.

Bayerische Landesunfallkasse
Ungererstr. 71
80791 Munich

In the case of an accident that requires medical care, the doctor has to be informed of the fact that the accident has taken place on school grounds and that the Landesunfallkasse will bear the costs. Private remittance should not be accepted as the Bayerische Landesunfallkasse will only cover the costs appropriate for the fees indicated on the scale which is particular to the public insurance scheme. If nevertheless a private treatment is desired, the private health insurance will have to cover the additional costs incurred. Please note the document "Accidents in school".


Opening times:

  • Mon - Thurs          08:00 - 16:00 hrs
  • Fri                           08:00 - 16:00 hrs

room 17 (Primary School)

Changes in the child's health condition should be updated in the health questionnaire. Changes in the contact details require an immediate report to the Primary School or Secondary School's office so that the parents can be reached in case of an emergency.