A positive school climate - bullying prevention

Our school accompanies and supports all students to become positive individuals who are capable of solving conflicts reasonably and peacefully and to responsibly care for themselves, interact with others and deal with the environment. Together we create a healthy school environment where every child can feel safe.

Bullying as a social phenomenon also occurs among children and young people, but not every interpersonal conflict is equal to bullying. We take the prevention of bullying in our school very seriously. It is a known fact that bullying can have a strong negative influence on the personality development of all parties concerned - both the victim and the perpetrator - and may sometimes lead to mental disorders. Bullying does not only weaken individuals, but also the class community and even affect the quality of the school climate.

For prevention, the European School Munich has developed a clear and effective approach to bullying and has introduced a comprehensive prevention programme, the KiVa programme, in the primary school since 2015. In the Higher School, numerous other projects are implemented to strengthen the school and class climate. If a bullying case arises in the HS, it is solved according to the KiVa intervention method.

If you as parents of a child in the Secondary School have any questions regarding bullying or fear that your child might be affected, you may confidently approach the educational advisor in charge or directly contact the anti-bullying team (school psychologist and social worker).

You may use the web form if wish to get in touch with the KiVa-Team.


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