The Secondary School's Multi Media Centre (MMC) provides a service to all members of the school community. It offers different learning and leisure media in a supportive environment where users can read, study and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. For this reason the students are asked to behave properly and respectfully.

The MMC is non-stop open and offers a supervised and safe area to its visitors during the lunch break.

Actively supporting teachers and students in their daily work, the coordinator encourages the users to operate independently in the MMC. Therefore, students are asked to search for the required media items directly in the Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and then take them from the shelves by themselves.

The MMC coordinator is responsible for the media stock, for the compliance with the rules and for administrative tasks. The management of the school book lists that the parents need to buy for the following school year, falls also within her competences.

Who is the contact person?

Coordinator: Paola Colla

The coordinator is supported by a dedicated group of volunteer students.

What are the opening hours?

Monday 07:45 - 15:10 
Tuesday 07:45 - 15:10
Wednesday 07:45 - 14:20 
Thursday 07:45 - 15:10
Friday 07:45 - 13:30

Short notice or temporary changes to the opening hours are displayed on the info screens.


How can media be borrowed?

Media can be borrowed on presentation of the ID-Card. This is the identification card with barcode and picture that students receive upon entering the Secondary School.

Loan period

  • Books: 1 month
  • DVDs: 1 week
  • Comics: 1 week
  • Magazines: 1 week
  • Dictionaries: 1 day

Reminder rules
The pupils must return media on time. Upon presentation of the students’ ID-card, it is possible to ask for an extension of the loan period, though. In case of lost media specific measures will be taken.

What is in the media stock?

The MMC offers media in all European and some non-European languages, for both educational and recreational purposes:

  • Books covering many areas (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Magazines in different languages for all age groups
  • Comics
  • DVDs (films and documentaries)

How is the library equipped?

  • one study room with 5 PCs and one printers for homework and researches
  • two OPAC PCs (Open Public Access Catalogue) to search for media in the MMC catalogue
  • one reading corner
  • one comic corner
  • one multipurpose room for pupils of s7 class only
  • stationery for pupils

Documents and Downloads

School year 2022/2023

Parents are requested to purchase textbooks and calculators for their children. Every Year, the book lists for the new school Year are made available on the website as of end of June.

IMPORTANT: If there is no information for certain subjects (e.g. Chemistry or Physic) this means that the teachers will provide students with the necessary learning material.

Each student has to consult at least two books lists: the list of the specific year in the corresponding "language section" and the list of the specific year in the corresponding category "vehicular language".

The category "vehicular language" includes books for grammar (language II, Language III, Language IV, Language V) as well as for the other subjects that are taught in different languages ​​(geography, history, ICT, art, music, etc. ) are listed.

For students without a language section the list "SWALS" must be considered in addition.

Please always refer to the most updated version!

Please use this web form only to inform the library coordinator about books out of print. For other requests please get in contact with the teacher at the beginning of the school year. Thank you.

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