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Cooperation between ES Munich and Frankfurt on "La Rosa Bianca"

In the inter-school project of the Italian section, Primary School pupils are taught European values of democracy and freedom. Read more

Schnorcheln mit den Oktopussen

Ein Reisebericht von Schülerinnen zur Exkursion "Mach Meer" auf die italienische Insel Giglio. Read more

Classroom of the Month: Czech

Srdečně vítáme! From Karel IV to the Little Mole: Czech lessons at the European School Munich. Read more

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New school garden ready to go

In the school garden, children learn how plants grow and how food is produced. Read more

SWALS Project: Water in culture and history

This school year, the SWALS are looking at the motif of water in literature, art, mythology and history. Read more

ESM music seminar - sign up for music lessons now!

The ESM Music Seminar, in cooperation with the Parents' Association, offers a varied programme for singing and instruments in individual and group… Read more

Schülerin gewinnt Literaturpreis

Die Europäische Schule München gratuliert der Chefredakteurin ihrer Schülerzeitung NOTES zum Erhalt des THEO-Preises. Read more

Helene Habermann Gymnasium opens at Fasangarten

The Helene-Habermann-Gymnasium starts its operations in House 5 at the Fasangarten site on 14 September. The European School Munich welcomes the… Read more

Primary school enrolment ceremony

The European School Munich wishes its first-year pupils a good start at school! Read more