Since 2001, Eurosport has become an essential part of the activities of all the European Schools and is seen as an important step for the social and physical integration of the schools. Eurosport takes place every second year in one of the European Schools. Within the scope of the physical activities, the hosting school determines beforehand what kind of team sports competitions will be held. Choices include football, basketball, handball and volleyball. There are both girls and boys teams. In addition, there are badminton and table tennis mixed tournaments with three doubles teams competing against each other. At the end of the three-day-long sports competitions a duathlon tournament is held, consisting of a swimming and a running relay. In the first part, ten girls and boys swim either 50 or 100 metres - depending on the choice of the organising school - and then run 1000 metres in the same order as in the swimming relay.

Brüssel II

In 2017, Eurosport was organised by the European School Brussels II between 22nd - 25th March. 2017. 16 schools with 30 Secondary School students (15 boys and 15 girls) competed against each other in the disciplines: football, volleyball, badminton and aquathlon. The young ESM athletes were accompanied by the sports' teachers Karin Nykiel, Kim Weber, Klaus Riesterer and Bernd Auerhammer.

Overall winner of the Eurosport competitions 2017 was the team from the European School Luxemburg II, but also Brussels III and Alicante were far ahead. The ESM came 14th in the overall ranking, but emerged as winners in boys' football. All participants had one thing in common: a proud feeling of having been part of such a successful event.

Now we can look forward with joyful anticipation to Eurosport 2019! One thing is certainly clear: whether one wins a trophy or not, everyone is a winner!

It was a fair competition that celebrated European diversity!

Luxemburg I

In 2015, the European School Luxembourg I organised competitions in from the 11th to 14th March. A total of 420 young athletes from 14 European schools competed against each other in volleyball, basketball and table tennis tournament and in the "Aquathlon" relay, in which the students had to swim 50 meters and run 1000 meters. The 15 ESM students from the Secondary School were accompanied by the sports' teachers Kristina Scheiber, Kim Weber and Klaus Riesterer. Overall winner of the Eurosport competitions 2015 was the team from the European School Varese, but also the Luxembourg Schools were far ahead. But the biggest winner was the team spirit.

The grand finale was the award ceremony where the trophies and certificates were presented. Exhausted, but overall happy and satisfied with the achievements, the young athletes from Munich embarked on their journey home. Long live fair competition and team spirit!


Between 6th and 9th March 2013 thirteen European schools from seven different countries competed against each other in various disciplines, including football, basketball, badminton, swimming and running in Alicante. 

The journey was arduous: strike of the airline, long bus and train rides, flight changes and missing of connecting flights. However, these strains did not spoil the competitive spirit of the 30 ESM pupils from the Secondary School who demonstrated commitment to perform, motivation and fair play. They were accompanied by the teachers Ms Nykiel, Ms Scheiber, Mr Weber and the educational advisor Mr Stie. All participating schools were accommodated in a hotel close to the sea. 

One of the most prestigious tournaments of the entire Eurosport event was the football game, which was an emotional rollercoaster ride. With a homogeneous team performance, the girls achieved their well-deserved 4th position. The boys' team reached the semi-finals as the winner of this group, but was later knocked out due to various incidents in the match against Luxembourg.


In 2011, the Eurosport competitions were held at the European School Frankfurt. Between 30th March and 2nd April 2011, 15 boys and 15 girls from the secondary school of the ESM competed against teams from 11 other European schools. They were accompanied by the teachers Ms Scheiber, Mr Schneider, Mr Weber and the educational advisor Mr Stie. The young athletes from Munich and many of their counterparts from the other European schools stayed with host families while some were accommodated in a youth hostel. Both lunch and dinner were mainly served in the canteen of the sports' stadium. The hosting school chose the disciplines of basketball, badminton, handball and biathlon. On the 31st March, the first tournaments in basketball and badminton were held in the sports stadium in Frankfurt. In the basketball match, both ESM teams performed incredibly well and easily won the first round, enabling them to reach the semi-finals. The ESM teams were strongly supported and vigorously cheered on by their fellow pupils.

The girls' team performed very well despite very strong opponents. In the semi-finals it was defeated, but nevertheless secured a proud 4th Place. The boys, under the expert guidance of Mr Stie (former basketball pro), reached the finals with outstanding performances but were then defeated by the ES Luxembourg. Simultaneously, the badminton tournament was held. In this discipline, the ESM was less successful, but nevertheless managed to reach the 11th Place. In the evening, the athletes were given the opportunity to do sightseeing in the city of Frankfurt. A short guided city tour was organised and then the pupils were able to spend some time on their own in the city centre.


In March 2009, the Eurosport team of the European School Munich travelled to Karlsruhe. In Karlsruhe competitions were held in the disciplines of basketball, football and table tennis. The sports event was rounded off by the final biathlon tournament. Preparations began in September of the school year 2007/08. During their lunch break, the candidates trained regularly to become a member of the ESM Eurosport team and made considerable progress. At the beginning of the school year 2008/09 the sports teachers chose 15 girls and 15 boys who represented the ESM at the competitions in Karlsruhe. Selection criteria included regular participation in the preparatory training, teamwork, reliability and, of course, very good performances in matches, running and swimming. 

The teachers Mrs Sachs, Ms Scheiber, Mr Mussack and Mr Riesterer accompanied the team from Munich to Karlsruhe. Away from home, the young athletes were accommodated by host families. Among them were two school reporters, Stephanie Rabe and Cristina Flores, who reported on the spectacle on behalf of the ESM. In total, 15 boys and 15 girls from the secondary school of the ESM participated in this event. The team members from Munich were tuned to maximum performance and displayed sports ambition as well as a high level of motivation. The visit to the Centre for Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe (ZKM), the screening of short films, in which all schools shortly presented themselves, and the final awards ceremony was not only very entertaining, but rounded off the professionally organised and varied major sports event.

Brussels Uccle

Yells in all sorts of languages sounded out and balls flew through the air. The audience thronged to be as close as possible because this was ultimately about Eurosport 2007! All European school met on Thursday 22nd March 2007 in Brussells Uccle to compete against each other on two consecutive days in volleyball, in badminton; in basketball, in swimming and in a relay run. From the 14 European schools Alicante, Bergen, Brussells I, II and III, Culham, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Luxembourg, Mol, Munich and Varese were represented. The pupils stayed with host families during the event. Brussels I, II and III scored the first three places. Munich proudly gained the eighth place. Before the pupils finally returned home, there was a big party to wind things up. All participants had one thing in common: a proud feeling of having been part of such a successful event. One thing is certainly clear: whether one wins a trophy or not, everyone is a winner!


In 2005, the European School Munich was the host and organiser of the competitions with its 400 participants. Besides the actual organisation of the competitions with all the activities that come along with such a big event, accommodation, catering and logistics need to be planned and coordinated, too. Thanks to the support of many colleagues, pupils, parents, friends, spouses and committee members, the European School Munich had been praised for the organisation and the success of Eurosport 2005.

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