Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and other UN bodies. For years MUN conferences have given young people the opportunity to debate important world issues. Each participating school represents one or more countries or organisations. It puts forward the views and opinions of that country on issues such as human rights, disarmament and international security as well as legal, social, humanitarian, historic and cultural affairs.

By taking part in a Model United Nations conference, participants learn to negotiate and co-operate with other delegations. Besides researching the various issues on the agenda, they produce policy statements, resolutions and speeches. Their perspective on current affairs is broadened and they learn to appreciate the importance of diplomacy whilst developing their debating skills in English. Additionally, MUN offers students the invaluable opportunity to gain greater confidence in public speaking and make friends with students from different countries and cultures.

MunoM: Model United Nations of Munich

MUNOM is a consistently popular extracurricular activity for students from years 4 to 7. ESM students have been regular and successful participants in MUN debates both within Germany and throughout Europe.

The MunoM Conference is held in November in a variety of locations such as the Bavarian state parliament, the European Patent Office as well as a number of conference locations. It is organised by ESM students and a Board of Directors which is made up of teachers of the European School. The MunoM conference has approximately 350 participants and the facilities of the European Patent Office and Bavarian parliament building give the conference an official character and contribute to the excellent standard of it.

The participating schools are located in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, France, Spain, Great Britain, the USA and Sweden, however, the participants themselves come from all over the world. The MunoM Executive Staff consists of 10 students. Five new pupils join the committee in December to be trained by the five more experienced students in the organisation of the conference. The team meets weekly in order to prepare the conference.

MUNTR: Model United Nations Turkey

Representing the UN delegations of Costa Rica, Kazakhstan and Portugal, eight Year 6 Secondary School students participated in this year's Model United Nations Turkey (MUNTR) conference held in the Turkish beach resort of Kemer, Antalya from the 4th to 8th March 2013. With 600 delegates, aged from 14-26, the conference focused on the topic 'Forming Dynamics of Global Relations.'

Despite the allure of the bright sun shining down on the sky-blue sea, the students headed straight into their first committee meeting to give their Opening Speeches on topics ranging from youth unemployment to the future of military technologies; the use of nuclear energy to the role of NATO; global development to overcoming diversity through pluralism; the right to information through IT to 'futuristic' global relations.

All in all, the young UN-delegates raised motions, cast votes, voiced views and debated fast and furiously in moderated and un-moderated caucuses through fifteen committee sessions, only pausing to take breath for tea breaks and buffet lunches as the seconds counted down.

On the final day the General Committees came together to vote on their respective resolutions before the closing ceremony took place, with an honorary mention for Alicia Hansen's participation and contributions in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Committee (OECD). Our thanks go to the organising board for a challenging and entertaining MUNTR 2013.

MUNISS: Model United Nations International School Stuttgart

ESM pupils, who have been regular and successful participants in MunoM and THIMUN conferences both within Germany and throughout Europe, took part for the first time in a MUNISS conference hosted by the International School Stuttgart in February 2010. This conference focused on the complex issues in and around the Middle East.

The ESM pupils participated as delegates representing Afghanistan and also as chairs of the individual committees. This entailed a profound research on the appropriate topics. At the same time, it enabled the ESM team of delegates to gain a deeper understanding of these crucial problems and to devise strategies to tackle them.

BIGMUN: Birkerød International Gymnasium Model United Nations Conference

The Birkerød International Gymnasium hosted a Model United Nations Conference near Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2011. Delegations of ESM pupils took on the roles of representatives of the People's Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The three and a half day conference involved debates, discussions, resolution writing and speech making on United Nations issues as diverse as: strategies to ensure peace, democracy and sustainability in Darfur, to ensure and uphold the human rights of the Tibetan people and the abolishment of private patency on medication combating lethal diseases. The young delegates from the ESM participated very competently with the challenging dialogue especially those representing China - as they had prepared for many weeks on the issues before attending the conference and found the experience very rewarding.

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