The public speaking seminars in the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Wildbad Kreuth have become so popular that they now enjoy the status of real classics. Word-of-mouth recommendation regularly leads to these seminars being booked out at an early stage. Especially for year 6 Secondary School students (German L1) this seminar is a very appropriate form of speech training. In addition, these classes are taught amidst stunning Alpine scenery, known to television viewers for decades as training academy.

The renowned rhetoric's trainer and book author, Paul Herrmann, who not only trains leading politicians and managers, but also groups of motivated young people who want to work on their oral skills in order to become more confident and efficient when addressing a public audience. Refined rhetoric's skills require: articulation and intonation, pitch and speed, posture, gestures and eye contact, clarity of content and argument structure, and finally an encouraging opening part and a convincing conclusion. And all of this in front of running cameras!

"Entertain your audience", is the motto of the seminar as indeed of public speaking in general. The participating students develop different strategies and learn how to focus on their core message, to raise awareness, and how to appeal to both the emotions and the reason of the audience. To do this effectively, structure, diction and body language are much more important than the content itself. During the seminar in Wildbad Kreuth, it becomes apparent that any training in this regard is actually based on developing one's own personality.