Commitment To Sustainability

At the ESM, pupils are specifically encouraged to commit themselves to nature, environmental protection and sustainability. For about two years now, pupils have been working on projects in the fields of environment and sustainability, documenting their results and presenting them to an external jury of experts. The spectrum of topics ranges from energy-saving measures to recycling ideas. The ESM has already received one star with the award “Environmental School in Europe - International Sustainability School”.

On the 22nd October 2018, the ESM was awarded a second star for the school’s commitment to sustainability at an official awards ceremony. A delegation, representing the Kindergarten, the Primary School and the Secondary School took part in the festive ceremony, held at the “Munich International School”. The projects were shown in an exhibition: the seed planting campaign in Kindergarten, the artwork “Scrapsworld” made of plastic rubbish by Primary School pupils, which drew attention to the pollution of the oceans, and the planting of trees and the setting-up of nesting boxes, carried out by Secondary School pupils.

After a musical prelude, several speeches were held, including those by Bavarian Environment Minister Marcel Hüber. Afterwards Birgit Feldmann of the “Landesbund für Vogelschutz” presented us with the second star, which is a tribute to our work and at the same time a great motivation.

Next goal: to obtain the third star, the highest award!