Primary School

Little Athletes Performing Big

Three highlights - solar eclipse, beginning of spring and indoor sports festival - were awaiting the first and second year Primary School pupils on the 20th March 2015. Thanks to the strong support of many parents, the young athletes impressively proved in the ESM's sports hall that they were indeed very fit and agile. Divided into 15 European groups, the children started the challenging indoor course by singing the warming-up song "Theo, Theo is fit as a fiddle". The children were then asked to pass 16 stations with 4.5 minutes long exercises that required a diversity of skills, including dexterity, strength and balance. Thus, the children balanced on a seesaw, walked on unsteady rope bridges in different heights, climbed up on poles, swung over a ditch like Tarzan, threw balls into a pyramid of cans and did many more activities.

Displaying a lot of energy and enthusiasm, the little, but very ambitious, athletes mastered the diverse physical challenges brilliantly. Despite feeling exhausted after having completed the 90 minutes indoor course, the children all joined in the "chocolate dance". In the classroom, the athletic children enjoyed drinking fresh water, eating early spring chocolate and receiving a certificate.

The educational aim of this sports' day was to refine the pupils' perceptive faculties, to increase physical experiences and to foster social learning. The indoor sports festival combined in a successful manner three very important elements for children: sport, play and fun!

Secondary School

Premiere: Auf die Bretter!

The first performance of the year s5/s6 drama group's new play, directed by Iris Krause and Marc Alexander Haas, will be held on the 18th April 2015. The play will also be performed on the 19th, 20th and 30th April as well as on the 1st and 2nd May. The performances will not be held in school, but in a real theatre; the i-camp/ Neues Theater München at Kolumbusplatz.

The play has been rehearsed since January and the stage and props were built diligently during the Easter holidays. The equipment of this theatre play has quite a few surprises in store: the i-camp is dedicated to the connection between new media, technology and live performance. We have taken advantage of this! The performances will not take place during school hours, but every evening at 7:00 p.m. to prevent the young actors and spectators from missing any classes.

The play has been specifically written by Marc Alexander Haas according to the wishes of the actors for the ensemble. The setting is an old theatre that has been empty for years, but that is still inhabited by the shadows of figures that have been played once on stage. They are trapped in their roles that were written for them as well as in the customs and the language of the time in which their play had been set. Over time, however, the borders become blurred and the characters begin to meet each other outside of their plays. The central figure is Grimm, the personification of an actor itself, and the only character in the play, who can perceive himself as an actor and not just as a role. His ultimate goal is to finally escape from the theatre and to play on a different stage. When he finally manages to break free, the outside world starts pouring into the theatre, causing that things are getting out of hand eventually.

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