Primary School

The End is the Beginning

In the last year of German public primary schools, parents and teachers have to make an important decision - the transition to one of the three different types of secondary schools. Such kind of decision - often not an easy one - does not need to be taken in the European School Munich as the European Schools system is based on a comprehensive school concept. In line with this concept, the primary cycle is completed after year 5 and the transition to secondary cycle is held at the same school. Nevertheless, this transition symbolises a fundamental milestone in the child's school career.

The transition ceremony, in which the Primary School pupils of year 5 are officially bid farewell to, has by now become a tradition at the ESM. The aim of this event, which this year was held on the 1st July 2014, is to encourage the pupils' confidence and optimism for the next stage in their school career.

The extensive and varied programme ranged from musical contributions from the Primary School Choir, led by Mrs Coles and Mrs Plugge, and Wind Orchestra, directed by Mrs Coles and Mr Ready, to artistic show acts by year 2, led by Ms Hartleif, to dance performances by the European Hours dance group, led by Mrs Bellingacci, to the ceremonial presenting of certificates by the Primary School's Director Mrs Pavličíková to all year 5 pupils of. Finally, the Director of the Secondary School, Mr Hrovath, welcomed the newcomers in his speech. The varied and very entertaining programme played a key role in ensuring that the children experienced this crucial moment of transition as something special. It also added a festive touch to a nostalgic event, enabling the children to feel proud of their achievements and to heighten their anticipation of what is yet to come.

A very big thank you goes to all teachers and pupils without whose ceaseless efforts and positive energy this farewell and transition ceremony could not have become such a memorable event. Likewise, we would like to explicitly thank the large number of parents present who shared and celebrated the end of this crucial stage of their school children's life.

Secondary School

BAC To The Future

The official award ceremony of the European Baccalaureate was held simultaneously to the football World Cup. But, even if our graduates had to train much longer than the football players - for 12 years in total - all teams and individual players were allowed to reach the finals and actually win, as all 128 Secondary School graduates have passed the Baccalaureate exams this year.

They can be proud to have achieved such a diploma as each credential, each mark requires a lot of work and diligence. The grand official farewell celebration, which consisted of a diverse mix of speeches and musical performances and which was held on the 4th July 2014, represented the uncontested highlight of their school career.

Instrumentally accompanied by the Big Band, under the guidance of James Ready, the graduates festively entered the sport's hall to take their seats. After the musical prelude by the Secondary School Choir's, under the guidance of Julie Plugge, Mr Ensing, the Director, opened the ceremony with his welcoming speech.

He stressed how important it is that our students as future citizens of Europe and of the world, have range of skills to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing world. He referred to the eight key competences outlined in the European framework for lifelong learning, which ensure that all individuals find their fulfilment, develop active citizenship and integrate socially. One of these skills is the command of the mother tongue and therefore Mr Ensing finally congratulated the students in all their L1-languages.

In his speech, Mr Hrovath, the Director of the Secondary School, emphasised that courage is a particular strength of character. Like the great explorer Christopher Columbus, the young Europeans should go out into the world and not be discouraged by setbacks. "Don't stumble, but stand your ground, and have the courage to tackle and make things happen", he stressed.

Thereafter, speeches were held by Mrs Coelho, this year's President of the European Baccalaureate in Munich, Mrs Castellanos, Representatives of the European Patent Office, and Mr Weber, Representatives of the Parents' Association.

After the handing over of the well-deserved certificates and the Patent Office's prize-giving ceremony, in which exceptional performances of individual students are recognised, the students' representatives of all the five language sections were allowed to take the stage.

They thanked both teachers and the school community for the great educational environment in which they thrived, and and drew a very positive, though slightly nostalgic, conclusion of their past school years.  

We praise all graduates for their outstanding achievement and wish that they now focus on their future and take on the many new opportunities and possibilities in joyful anticipation as even in this moment, the old football proverb still holds true: "After the game is before the game".