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The Emergence of Europe

A highlight of the ESM Europe Day: Our school is writing film history! On behalf of the Institute for Film and Picture in Science and Education (FWU), the renowned documentary filmmaker Johannes Rosenstein started shooting the educational film "The Emergence of the European Union" exactly one year ago. In the coming years, this film will be available in all schools and educational institutions in Germany.

In the film, both our students as well as the two top EU officials, José Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy, are interviewed. In the film, however, the ESM is by no means depicted as a backdrop but as a European asset, much to the delight of the more than 200 viewers in our school.

"Why did the filmmaker choose the European School Munich as both starting point and central shooting location for this film project?", was one of the questions that the students asked him in the discussion, following the screening. "Where else does one find so many young people with European identities, such a natural interculturality and multilingualism, if you don't want travel all over Europe?", replied Rosenstein. "Were the interviews in Brussels really difficult to conduct?", "Which Commission President refused to be interviewed in another educational documentary film, which will become the official teaching materials of a Member State?" The filmmaker told the students that Council President Van Rompuy was especially accommodating and friendly and even recited some of his self-written haikus to the film crew.

Naturally, the future of Europe was also discussed; last year with a politician and this time with a filmmaker who doesn't have to mince matters. At the end of his film, Rosenstein pointed out some current problems and commented on them spontaneously in the panel discussion: Grexit (solidarity will pay off), Ukraine Crisis (will drag on for longer, but who is to solve it otherwise?), the refugee problem (receiving more and integrating them, rather than letting people drown). His conclusion: In spite of all problems, Europe is perceived as extremely appealing to the outside world. His prediction: Europe will continue to develop positively, even if it takes a little longer, which is not surprising with a project of this size with such diverse participants and agendas. In the end of the discussion panel, a Secondary School student remarked self-critically that the European Schools and their clients live on an "island of privilege" as compared to most EU citizens and that one should not underestimate the explosive power of social conflicts.

The school management, Rudolph Ensing and Anton Hrovath, the chairman of the Parents' Association, Georg Weber, and the "European Identity" project coordinator, Roland Jerzewski, stressed that the ESM Europe Day 2015 coincides with the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the symbolic value of this period of peace cannot be valued high enough.

The film shot in our school by Johannes Rosenstein put this on a record!