The Education Committee
The Education Committee is a council for internal school matters both for the primary section and the secondary section, consisting of representatives of parents, teachers and pupils. Each Education Committee assembles regularly with the objective to create favourable conditions for efficient tuition and to promote positive and stimulating interpersonal relations.

School Advisory Council (SAC)
The School Advisory Council (SAC) is an advisory committee, composed of representatives of the school management, the teaching and administrative staff as well as representatives of the Parents' Association and the student body. As part of the general objectives of the school system, the SAC submits proposals and takes stand on the definition of priorities and objectives in all areas of school life. These priorities and objectives are the basis for the creation of the Multi Annual School Plan education development plan and the Annual Plan, the implementation of which affects the budget.

The Administrative Board
As in all other schools of the European school system, the European School Munich has an Administrative Board chaired by the Secretary General of the European Schools. Its other members are the Director of the School, the representative of the European Commission, two elected representatives of the teachers, two representatives of the Parents' Association and, at the European School Munich, the representative of the European Patent Office. The Administrative Board deals with matters concerning the management and administration of the Schools, draws up budgets and monitors their implementation. They are responsible for overseeing all aspects of life in the school and ensuring its efficient operation.