Educational Support

Differentiated Teaching
Differentiation is the planning and execution of teaching and learning for all pupils in all classes which takes account of individual differences in learning style, interest, motivation and aptitude, and reflect these differences in the classroom. Differentiation forms the basis of effective teaching. It is essential for all pupils including those pupils requiring support. Differentiated teaching aimed at meeting all the pupils' needs is the responsibility of every teacher working in the European school Munich and must be common classroom practice.

Levels of Educational Support
Differentiation is normally sufficient for all learners but on the rare occasion when differentiation in the classroom is not sufficient, the European schools provide a range of support structures. All forms of educational support should be considered as flexible and progressive since, they are based on meeting the pupils' needs, which may vary over time. It is possible for a pupil to benefit from several different levels of support at the same time.

For detailed information, please refer to the document "Internal Guidelines for parents", which you will find below.

Area-specific Educational Support