Consultation and Support Structure

The consultation and support structure at the European School Munich is conceived in an integrated manner. The Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School teams work together across sections and in a trustful atmosphere. The consultation service is directed at pupils and kindergarten children of the ESM and their parents.

The consultation and support services differ depending on the institution and age group. They include pedagogical (early) intervention and support, school social work, school psychology, health services and supervision. In the Primary School, the SMiLe team, in the Secondary School, the educational counselling is the contact point for pupils, parents and teachers. In addition, there is career counselling at the secondary school to prepare for the time after leaving school. 

Process overview

The first point of contact for questions and problems that arise are always the educators or teachers. 

Further support is also provided to the educational staff and the school children by the health service, the school psychology, and by the educational support (whole school) as well as by the SMiLe team (Primary School) and the educational counselling (Secondary School). The teachers, pupils and their parents and guardians can also take advantage of this offer directly if necessary. 

For complex questions and problems, there is a broad psychosocial network at the ESM. If necessary, those affected can be referred to external counselling centres, therapists and clinics for additional support. In acute crises, the crisis team meets to support the school management.