Winner Of Art In Building

The winners of the "Kunst am Bau" competition for the ESM's extension building are officially confirmed: the judging panel has chosen designs by Veronike Hinsberg and the artist group STOEBO (Cisca Bogman & Oliver Störmer). These entries will be exhibited at the ESM from the 15th to 19th May 2017. The organiser of the competition was the "Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben" (BImA), which commissioned the "Staatliches Bauamt München 1" for its implementation.

Art in Building is considered an element of building culture and is an integral part of the construction of a building. The ESM's competition was about different design proposals for the three interior and exterior areas of the new school premise. 81 artists participated in this two-phase competition and submitted a total of 111 proposals. The panel of judges awarded Veronike Hinsberg with the first prize for the school's outdoor area and the nursery. Under the title "curtain - cortina - cohort", she developed three different gate designs. In an artistic way, the necessary limitation of the school grounds connects to the environment and neighbourhood, interpreting the rigid element of the gates as a moving curtain, explained the panel of judges.

The artists' group STOEBO won the first prize for the recreation hall and staircase of the Primary School. Under the title "Onomatopoeia", the design combines various elements as a continuous wall painting that runs through the rooms and corridors. "The interplay of colours, language theories, sounds and animal worlds is the strength of the concept", said the panel of judges.

Since the ESM's main building in Neuperlach has reached the limit of its capacity, the Primary School as well as part of the Kindergartens will be housed there. From the 2019/2020 school year onwards, the new school building will open its doors for 1,500 children.

© Press release (short version) courtesy of the "Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben"

Primary School

Major And Minor Changes

Our life is determined by changes, whether big or small. The birth marks the first great event in our lives! Over the course of time, we learn to walk, talk, eat on our own. All this must be trained and learned. The start of kindergarten is the next stage. And again, it involves tireless and playful trial and error. This is followed by the enrollment into school. Many children eagerly anticipate to start school and learn how to read and write.

In contrast to German public schools, in which at the end of year 4 decisions are taken regarding the transition from primary to secondary school, the European School system is based on the comprehensive school concept. Hence, the primary school finishes at the end of year 5. Thus pupils of year 5 were given an official farewell and entertained by a colourful programme on the 4th July 2017. The aim was to mark the change from Primary to Secondary School as a special emotional highlight and as a fundamental milestone in the school career.

The varied and very entertaining farewell programme for the year 5 Primary School pupils consisted of speeches by the director of the Primary School, Dana Pavličíková and the ESM director, Rudolph Ensing, the director of the Secondary School, Anton Hrovath, musical contributions from the Primary School Choir, led by Jill Barthélemy, as well as the wind orchestra, under the direction of Jim Ready, and dance performances by the Primary School European Hours dance group, led by Paula Bellingacci. As a highlight of the event, Dana Pavličíková handed over certificates to all pupils while the class teachers gave short farewell speeches.

A very big thank you goes to all teachers and pupils without whose ceaseless efforts and positive energy, this farewell and transition ceremony could not have become such a memorable event. Likewise, we would like to explicitly thank the large number of parents present to share and celebrate the end of this crucial stage of their school children's life.

Secondary School

Life after the BAC

The aim of our S6 Careers seminar was to encourage students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and to explore possible areas of study and future careers. We tried to show them the range of possibilities that exist and the careful planning needed for successful study and careers after the Bac. This year, it was held from the 28th to 30th June 2017.

We started with a session about choice of written and oral examinations and also looked at the complex calculation of the European Baccalaureate. We then helped students choose a university course. After that we looked at possibilities for study in a range of countries including Germany, Austria, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden. Consideration was given to application procedures, what to look for in a university and course structures and assessment procedures.

Under the title "Working in Europe" we heard presentations from four guests who described their jobs and the study and career path that led them there. In the second part of this session, seven ESM alumni (who left between 1988 and 2006) also gave similar presentations about their work. This session was particularly interesting and S6 listened intently to the information and advice given. The jobs included translators, lawyers, software engineers, a medical equipment supply firm, financial advice publishing, political adviser and a doctor.

The importance of choosing study and finding jobs that you enjoy was stressed. Also, students were advised to be proactive and to look for internships to gain useful experience.

To conclude the seminar, about 20 former ESM students then talked about their experiences at University. They all completed the BAC within the last five years and currently study a wide range of courses around Europe and in some cases in other parts of the world. It was a pleasure to see them all again and see how they are progressing after the ESM.

The event was well received by students and left them with plenty to reflect on over the summer. Over the next school year, a series of events will be organised to provide further guidance to students whilst in S7.