Preparing For Christmas

There were three highlights in Kindergarten within a very short time. On the 5th December, Sinterklaas, the Dutch St. Nicholas, visited the children in Kindergarten, accompanied by his two helpers were the "Zwarte Pieten". The children listened carefully to what he had to report. They were quite amazed at all the things written in his big red book. St. Nicholas from the Netherlands knew how the children had behaved in the past year, what they had done great, but also what they could improve.

A very special highlight was the Advent celebration on the 12th December in the festively decorated sports hall. All Kindergarten children performed songs as part of short plays in different languages, much to the delight of their parents, grandparents and the Director of the Primary School and kindergarten, Dana Pavličíková as well as the ESM Director, Rudolph Ensing. For the first time, a small ESM-Kindergarten choir performed; the SWALS children sang the song "Jingle Bells" in different languages. After this colourful programme, the Christmas buffet was opened, which had been provided by the parents.

On the 13th December, the children from the Swedish and Danish sections got everyone in a festive mood. They introduced the children to the tradition of the Swedish festival of light - "Santa Lucia" - by singing songs, reciting poems and wearing traditional clothing. The children's eyes were all aglow and shone in the light of the candles; making the children feel the magic of Christmas.

We are looking forward to the festive season!

Primary School

Nothing At All

Listening to the Berlin-based author Christian Duda is simply great fun. His real name is Christian Achmed Gad Elkarim. He is German but of Austrian and Egyptian origin. The title of latest book, "Nothing at all" already characterises the not always unambiguous sense of identity of the 11-year-old boy Magdi, the main character of the book who is of German and Arab descent. The book was awarded several times immediately after publication. Among other things, it was put on the longlist "The most beautiful German books 2017" of the Foundation Book Art and on the recommendation list "White Ravens 2017" of the International Youth Book Library Castle Blutenburg.

With his keen instinct for children's inner worlds, he hits the nerve of the 8 to 11-year-olds thoughts and feelings. Not every author manages to get his young audience to focus on listening in in one and a half hours, but Christian Duda made them laugh out loud every two minutes. The laughter of the children was a clear proof that they understood and related very well to the recounted stories, making it obvious how much the children enjoyed listening to Magdi's "life in two worlds" documented in his personal diary and written in the style of police reports.

The scene in the shop, for instance, where the adults do not believe Magdi to be capable of completing higher education and how he has to fight for himself and his siblings to change that perception. They all will go to high school for sure. Their ambitious parents, especially their very strict father, play a major part in achieving this goal. In this book, Christian Duda recounts some of his own childhood experiences in the 70s.

We would like to thank Katrin Rüger from the Buchpalast, who has brought the author from Berlin to Munich and provided several primary schools a wonderful public reading pleasure. He visited the ESM Primary School on the 20th February 2018.

Secondary School

Scribbling For A Good Cause

To support children in need by means of a fundraising campaign and to raise awareness in the school community about the fact that everyone can do something; that is what the "Kunst-Raum-Aktions-Gruppe (KRA)" sees as their task before Christmas.

This year, our idea was to produce a hand-made notebook/sketchbook. We then collected contributions from our classmates from the arts, literature, everyday life, and created four different scribble books designs to later be purchased as presents or kept and developed further. We managed the entire process ourselves; from creating design to the finished copy and sale, including marketing. It was a time consuming, but very educational experience; from encouraging classmates to participate, to creating designs and editing them, if necessary, using computer programmes; From being actively involved in the printing process - cutting, arranging, punching, spiralling - to the sale of the final product to selling, which also required new ideas and time.

The result speaks for itself: a total of 1172.50 EUROS were raised.

The proceeds went to the children from the Salberghaus in Putzbrunn. It is a recognised child and youth welfare institution with a wide range of services for children aged 0-10 years whose family situation requires special therapeutic help. The donation hand-over was held on the 20th December 2017.

The "Förderkreis ESM. e.V", which manages the donated funds of all existing charity projects in school, recognised the Salberghaus as an institution worthy of support. This fundraising activity is part of ESM's Outreach programme, which, among others, consists of a variety of charity initiatives and services to provide assistance. A big thank you to all who helped!

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