A celebration of lights

It was the first big joint event in the new kindergarten at the Fasangarten location: On 19 November the light festival took place in the kindergarten.

In the late afternoon, the focus was on the topic of light, which is particularly important now in the dark season of the year. The children and their parents gathered around many small self-designed lights in the middle of the garden, creating a very special atmosphere. Songs were sung in German, French and English, all with the theme of light or candlelight.

No light, no shadow - this was shown by the shadow theatre, which children from different groups performed to the sounds of Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". When it was already quite dark, the preschool children showed a fire dance to the music of Carmina Burana around the many little lights. The movement of the cloths and the flickering of the candlelight created an impressive atmosphere.

The highlight of the program was the lighting of the chain of lights. Each child had a candle. The first one was lit and the fire was passed from candle to candle until everyone was lit. So the children could experience that light becomes brighter and brighter when you share it with others.

The evening ended with a great buffet with lots of goodies, punch and cocoa. The kindergarten children had baked cookies together with some parents in the morning. The kindergarten team of the European School Munich would like to thank all parents who contributed to the success of the evening.

Primary School

Secondary School

MUNoM 2019: Debates on the future

At this year's 16th MUNoM Conference, a topic that is of great interest to both world politics and students today was at the top of the agenda: Sustainability. MUNoM stands for Model United Nations of Munich and is an international conference where students slip into the roles of delegates from different countries to debate and work on content for four days. From the very beginning, it became clear that the buzzword of sustainability inspires many discussions.

At the opening ceremony on 12 November at the Hans Seidel Foundation, Nellie Simon, Vice-President of the European Patent Office, (left in the picture next to Maggie Banatte-Schuster) spoke about sustainability and technical progress. MUNoM Secretary General Lisa Cunney pointed out the different types of sustainability: Not only the environmental aspects, but also economic, political and social sustainability should be a topic at MUNoM. After motivating speeches by Christian Waedt, who supervises and organises MUNoM as a teacher, and ESM Director Anton Hrovath, Martin Geilhufe of BUND Naturschutz in Bayern, once again drew attention to the urgency of the topic.

With these thought-provoking impulses the pupils, who had travelled from many countries, threw themselves into the committee work. MUNoM is more simulation than game, the conference imitates the model of the UN General Assembly relatively close. The goals are to convey a realistic picture of political processes, to arouse interest in topics, to develop arguments and to train debating.

This year the MUNoM Conference again ended with many successfully adopted resolutions. The European School Munich and the organizers thank all participants for their commitment and look forward to the continuation in the coming year.

Further information can be found here and on the MUNoM website.

Further information can be found here here and on the MUNoM-Website.