Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to assist you and to provide you with information! In the list of Frequently Asked Questions, you will find answers to many aspects of the European School Munich.

Can I enroll my child even if I am not employed at the Patent Office or at a EU institution?

Taking into account the current admissions policy of the ESM, an enrollment of Category III pupils in all language sections is only possible for siblings and/or children from other European schools in classes with fewer than 24 pupils.

Category III children who are not siblings or come from other European schools can only be enrolled in the smaller language sections provided that the limit of 9 pupils has not been reached.

Enrolment of Category III children is only possible if the conditions outlined in the admission criteria are being met.

Are siblings automatically enrolled?

According to the current admissions policy of the ESM, an enrollment of Category III pupils in all language sections is only possible for siblings and/or children from other European schools in classes with fewer than 24 pupils.

Can I register my child on a waiting list?

No, we do not have a waiting list.

What is the age of admission into the nursery?

Children can be enrolled into the nursery the September of the year they turn 4 years of age.

What is the age of admission into the 1st year of primary school?

Children can be enrolled into the 1st year of the primary school the September of the year they turn 6 years of age.

What happens if there is no language section for my child?

If the dominate language of your child is not a language section, your child can join the language section of its second language and then receive tuition in their dominant language as language 1. This is only available for category I and II.

When can I register my child?

You register your child in the January of the year that you would like to enroll your child in September.

What languages can I choose as language 2?

Language 2 can only be either German, English or French.

Is there an information evening for the Primary School and Kindergarten?

Yes, an information evening will be held in February for September enrollments. Further information will be forwarded to you by your Human Resources department (Category I and II only).

Is the ESM a private school?

No, the ESM is a public educational institution with limited enrollment capacities.

Where can I find the School Calendar?

Please note that the school holidays of the ESM are not identical with those of other/regular German public schools.

Is the European Baccalaureate (BAC) accepted in the EU?

Yes, there is a cross-national agreement stating that the BAC is accepted in all member states and recognised for University enrollment/entrance.

Can parents choose the language section for their child?

No, the allocation of the language sections is listed in the general rules of the school. Pupils without a language section (SWALS) will be allocated into the language section according to their choice of language 2.

Which companies have a contract with the ESM?

The companies that have a contract with the ESM are an internal matter and confidential information which cannot be disclosed.

How can I apply for a vacancy at ESM?

The ESM employs seconded teachers and locally recruited teachers.

Would you like to apply for a post as seconded teacher?
Applicants for seconded posts from other European countries can receive more detailed information from their national Board of Education and Science or click on the links below.

Would you like to apply for a post as locally recruited teacher?
Occasionally there are vacancies for locally recruited qualified teachers in various subjects and language sections. Locally recruited teachers should address their application to the offices of the Primary School and/or the Secondary School, also during the running school year.

The following documents are required:

  • cover letter
  • CV with photo
  • evidence of teacher training (copy of diploma)
  • references and track records, if available

We will enter your details into our list of applicants and will get in touch with you if any vacancies arise. Appointments with the Director will only be issued if there are actual possibilities of employment. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I get in touch with the Parents' Association?

On the Parents’ Association website you will find more answers to FAQs regarding the canteen, after school care, after school activities and school transport.

Where can I find the exam dates of the Secondary School?
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Klassenlehrerstunde s1-s7
s3 + s4 Elterninfoabend
s5 Elterninfoabend
Tag der deutschen Einheit
Büchermarkt für den guten Zweck
s1-s4: Schülerparty
Tag der offenen Baustelle am Standort Fasangarten
Exkursions- und Projektwoche
MunoM-Konferenz (Model United Nations of Munich)
s5-Fächerwahlinformation für Schüler
Büchermarkt für den guten Zweck
s1-s3 Elternsprechabend und Fächerwahlinformation
s4-s7 Elternsprechabend
s5-Fächerwahlinformation für Eltern
Adventskonzert der Höheren Schule
s5-Schüler am Nachmittag frei
s5 Semestertests
s6 Semestertests
s7 Prebac / Vorabitur
s1-s6: Klassenlehrerstunde mit Zeugnisausgabe
ESM Umweltschule / Öko-Woche
Skirennen und Snowboardtag
Ökowoche: Ausstellung für Eltern geöffnet
s1-s4 Schülerparty
s1-s7 Elternsprechabend
Känguru Mathematik-Wettbewerb
MEC - Model European Council
Pädagogischer Nachmittag: Schüler ab 12:40 Unterrichtsfrei
ESSS - European Schools Science Symposium
Projekt- und Exkursionswoche
Tag der Arbeit
s1-s7: Klassenlehrerstunde
Ausstellung "Animals and us" der s7-Kunstschüler
s1-s2: Schülerparty
s7-Ausgabe der Vornote
s7: Schriftliche Abiturprüfungen / Bac écrit
s6: Berufsberatung-Seminare
s7: Mündliche Abiturprüfungen / Bac oral
s1-s4: Sportfest
s1-s4: Projekt- und Exkursionstag
s1-s4 + s6: Unterrichtsfrei
s1-s4 + s6: Letzter Schultag mit Zeugnisausgabe
Deutscher Nationalfeiertag
Tag der Arbeit