School Fees and other Charges

School Year 2024/25

Tuition fee for category III - pupils (private pupils)
The tuition fee for category III pupils is annually adjusted and determined by the Board of Governors of the European Schools (BOG). 

For pupils who have been enrolled as new category III pupils as of school year 2013/2014, the new tuition fee rates apply.

The amount of the tuition fees as of school year 2024/2025 is as follows:

  • Kindergarten             4.284,70  €
  • Primary School          5.891,53  €
  • Secondary School     8.033,89  €

Procedure for families with several children:

  • First child: The full tuition fee must be paid for the child who is currently in the highest school level.
  • Second child: 80 % of the normal tuition fee that applies to the child's current school level.
  • Three children or more: 60 % of the normal tuition fee according to the child's current school level.

For pupils who have been enrolled as new category III pupils before school year 2013/2014, the tuition fee is:

  • Secondary School     6,427.11 € 

The payment of school tuition fees for 2024/2025 is as follows:

  • before 30/06/2024: payment in full or at least 25 % (if instalments are arranged). Admission for school year 2023/24 is only possible if there is no delay in the payment of at least 25 %. This prepayment cannot be refunded.
  • before 31/10/2024: payment of the remaining 75 % and of the other fees (photo copies, insurance, Baccalaureate exam fee) 

It is possible to pay in instalments. 

Already enrolled children must be deregistered in writing no later than 15 May in order to avoid having to pay the deposit fee for the next school year. 

Tuition fee reduction 
A tuition fee reduction can be requested from the Director. The processing of this request requires a close examination of the current income situation. Please take note that the income limits are set very low. Regardless of the income levels, the minimum tuition fee is 25 % of the regular tuition fee. 

Other Fees 
In addition to the school fees, a lump sum for photocopies, insurance and other fees are charged for all categories (I, II and III).

  • Category I: children whose parents are employed by: European Patent Office, European Commission, European Parliament, European Court, EFDA / ITER EDA, European School 
  • Category II: Children whose parents who work for companies that have signed a contract with the ESM 
  • Category II: Children who do neither belong to category I nor to category II

You will receive an invoice of the total amount in the autumn of each school year, which must be paid in the current school year no later than 31st October of each year. 


  • photo copies             10.00 €
  • insurances                    2.50 €* 

*article 33 of the "General Rules of the European Schools"

Primary School 

  • photo copies                 22.00 € 
  • insurances                       2.00 €* 
  • Intermath                      20.00 € 
  • student ID card               5.00 €
  • portfolio                            7.50 €
  • bicycle booklet P5           5.00 €

*article 33 of the "General Rules of the European Schools"

Secondary School 

  • photo copies                 35.00 € 
  • insurances                       2.00 €
  • "Schülerplaner"               5,00 €
  • BAC exam fee              105.32 € 
  • student ID card                5.00 €

*article 33 of the "General Rules of the European Schools"