The pupils' committee "Le Conseil Supérieur ", abbreviated CoSup, consists of two representatives from each European school and meets four times a year to discuss important proposals and decisions of the Board of Governors or the Education Committees.

The meetings, which are always hosted by one of the European schools, are generally held in Brussels. The task of the representatives is to give a voice to the pupils' community and represent their views and interests, regardless of whether they personally agree with them or not.

CoSup considers itself as a team that has set itself the task of debating about current issues on the agenda of the Board of Governors, of passing resolutions as a result of (ideally) fruitful discussions as well as of determining the position that the CoSup's President and Vice President should adopt and defend at the Board of Governors. Each school has the opportunity to share their views on a particular topic and by making compromises we strive to reach a position that reflects the opinion of all pupils' representatives.

CoSup also participates in the planning and organisation of the annual Euro-Party. Many pupils, even from distant European cities such as Alicante, travelled to Brussels for one night only, thus contributing their share in strengthening the sense of belonging and solidarity within the system of European schools.

Most fascinating is the way in which this group of students of different nationalities works so well together. The pupils' representatives not only discuss documents for the Board of Governors, but also exchange ideas or concerns regarding the schools and everyone helps in finding solutions and answers. It is critical to the solidarity among young Europeans, both within the European School System as well as in Europe itself, that they bring problems to each other's attention, listen to each other, exchange views and find solutions in order to tackle the difficulties of each school together.

The four meetings per year are essential not only for the student committee, but also for the schools in general as they form a solid basis for exchange of opinions, thoughts and new ideas. The pupils' representatives greatly appreciate this experience and consider it as an opportunity to view every day school life from a different school's vantage point.

As part of the reform of the European Schools, CoSup has become a voting member of the Education Committee. This step - albeit small - towards a greater say is very important as being heard in the adult world is not always an easy task.