Fit4future Kids - We make children fit for the future

Promoting exercise, a balanced diet, mental health, mental fitness and responsible use of addictive substances, such as digital media, while at the… Read more

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EPO Director Talent Acquisition and Management in dialogue with the ESM

Three different stations provided the framework for a personal exchange with EPO Director Talent Acquisition and Management Jeremy Scott last week,… Read more

Italian Consul General visits ESM

At the end of January, the Italian Consul General Sergio Maffettone and his assistant Dr Diego Marchiello visited the ESM. During a tour of the… Read more

Future ESM - Become part of our school family!

We have many plans for the coming years! An important part of our "Future ESM" program is the new admission policy recently adopted by the Board of… Read more

First issue of our new ESM magazine!

We are very happy to present the first issue of our new ESM magazine. In future, we want to inform you about school highlights, news and school-wide… Read more

Kindergarten und Primary School collected food for the Münchner Tafel

Once again this year, the kindergarten collected food for the Münchner Tafel. The primary school also took part in this campaign. Ms.… Read more

MOMO by Michael Ende - Christmas play by the German theater group of the ESM

Momo - The strange story of the time-thieves and the child who brought the stolen time back to the people  by Michael Ende The girl Momo lives in the… Read more

ESM receives the "Environmental School in Europe / International Sustainability School" award for the 2022/2023 school year!

Once again this school year, the jury - consisting of representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Education, the ALP and the… Read more

Excursion of the ESM MunoM team to UNIDO in Vienna

Organized by MunoM directors Christian Waedt and Margarette Banatte-Schuster, the ESM MunoM team took a trip to Vienna in September to mark the 20th… Read more