Social-emotional prevention and support in Primary School

The social-emotional support and prevention of the Primary School is known to the children as the "SMiLe Team". The work of the "Sozial-Miteinander-Leben-Team" (Social Togetherness Team) is aimed at all pupils of the primary school and their parents. The team also provides advice and support to all school staff.
The core task of the SMiLe team is the prevention of social and emotional difficulties in everyday school life. In case of acute need, it acts as an intervention team. The SMiLe team supports children, parents and teachers in overcoming social-emotional problems and crises. It identifies special social-emotional needs of individual children and target groups and takes preventive measures. It promotes social skills in order to sustainably improve the social climate in the classroom and in the playground. The team members are specially trained for their tasks.

Offers of the SMiLe team

  • Open "SMiLe station" for Primary School children during breaks with counselling and individual case assistance
  • "Time out" option in case of overload in the classroom or at the break yard
  • Crisis support, conflict management and mediation
  • Trustworthy information, counselling and assistance in educational matters and mediation in school problems
  • Support in family crises and child protection issues
  • Referral to and cooperation with external and internal support services
  • Advice and information of the teaching staff and the school management
  • Individual and targeted project and group work
  • Coordination of social projects and programmes (e.g. KiVa)

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