The book trolley of the Book Planet

In times of the pandemic, library visits are also organised somewhat differently so that hygiene and distance rules can be followed. The Primary… Read more

Tulips for the school garden

In the week before the autumn holidays, a great joint project of Kindergarten and Primary School took place. The M1 and M2 classes of the French… Read more

Beginning of the year in Kindergarten

After the summer holidays, the European School's Kindergarten is also coming back to life. In the meantime the children have been able to get used to… Read more

Day of respect at the Primary School

Although it is currently important to pay attention to social distancing at school, social cohesion is not forgotten at the European School Munich. On… Read more

New number for absences - Fasangarten

The Secondary School at the Neuperlach site sometimes receives notifications of absence, which are intended for the Primary School at the Fasangarten… Read more

Enrolment ceremony with masks

Joyfully excited children with colorfully decorated school cones are eagerly awaiting their first day at school. Not everything is different in this… Read more

Farewell celebration of the P5 classes

It was a very special farewell for the Primary School children of the classes P5 of the European School Munich. They are not only the first class to… Read more

Visit of the strawberry field

Joint outdoor activities are particularly important at the moment. Even a slightly overcast sky is hardly disturbing. At the end of May and beginning… Read more

Kindergarten opens again

One could see the joy in the looks of the children. After weeks of ordered closure, the pre-school children were allowed to return to their… Read more