MOMO by Michael Ende - Christmas play by the German theater group of the ESM

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Momo - The strange story of the time-thieves and the child who brought the stolen time back to the people  by Michael Ende

The girl Momo lives in the ruins of an old amphitheater. She has almost nothing - except time, which she prefers to give to her friends. But one day, no one visits her anymore. Momo sets off on a search and discovers the secret of the Grey Lords. They are time thieves and are after people's lifetimes. With the help of the turtle Cassiopeia and Master Hora, the Keeper of Time, Momo takes up the fight against the Grey Lords to save her friends and bring time back to the people.

Students from the European School Munich are performing at the Pepper Theater in PEP (U5 Neuperlach Zentrum) as part of the annual project NEUPERLACH 2324 by the KulturBunt Neuperlach association, which focuses on sustainability and resource conservation.

Director: Iris Krause
Stage design / technology: Marc A. Haas


Interview with Iris Krause: