The German theatre group presents William Shakespeare's "As you like it"

The German theatre group of the European School Munich presents : William Shakespeare's "As you like it" Open Air in the new amphitheatre of the ESM… Read more

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Olympic games at our primary school!

On 23 May, the French-speaking section organised Olympic Games to celebrate Paris 2024. 380 students took part in 9 sports discovery workshops as… Read more

ESM at the Day of Hope!

ESM took part in the Day of Hope event in Munich's Werksviertel today in wonderful sunny weather. The Day of Hope is an information and hands-on day… Read more

Europe Days 2024 at the ESM!

Every year at the ESM, we celebrate our "Europe Days" around the day of the Schumann Declaration, which is considered the birth of the European Union.… Read more

Our GS Green Week activities: Little Explorers!

During the "Green Week" the P3 and P4 Ita "Little Explorers" made an excursion into the Perlacher Forst to study animals and ecosystems in the… Read more

Girl's Day 2024!

On Thursday 25th of April - Girl’s Day - 52 of our S1, S2 and S3 students were invited to the EPO. After a warm welcome by Roberta Romano-Götsch (EPO… Read more

Teachers' Forum 2024 - First Edition!

From the 8th to the 12th of April, the inaugural Teachers' Forum took place at the School for Europe in Parma, initiated by the Italian presidency. T… Read more

Our primary school was visited by blind people and people in wheelchairs

In keeping with our EDW theme "The Eye" we were visited by blind people and people in wheelchairs. At the beginning of the morning, we asked the… Read more

ESM successful at "Jugend forscht

LLast week, the state competition "Jugend forscht" took place, in which 60 projects on various topics were presented. Two of our students received a… Read more