Fit4future Kids - We make children fit for the future

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Promoting exercise, a balanced diet, mental health, mental fitness and responsible use of addictive substances, such as digital media, while at the same time creating a healthy school environment: these are the goals of the nationwide prevention initiative fit4future. The holistic program was initiated, developed and implemented by DAK-Gesundheit and the fit4future foundation, with 1.8 million participants since 2016.

A diverse range of analog and digital formats invites you to try them out. Parents of students at the Fasanengarten site and teachers have been given online access.

In the school itself, there is an exercise program every Thursday during the breaks with a wide range of moving activities. All children are invited to come to the multi-purpose room and the large corridor area to take part in sporting activities. Classes can also use the offer to incorporate structured movement units into everyday lessons. Let's stay active, strong and fit!