Primary school opens again

It was almost like a second first day at school. After weeks of distance learning, the primary school of the European School Munich reopened its doors… Read more

Children celebrate Dante Alighieri

On March 25th the international "Dantedì" took place, the Dante Alighieri Day, which is a holiday in Italy. On this occasion the children of P3 ITA… Read more

Reading week in the library

Five exciting and thrilling days took place in the library of the Primary School in the first week of March: The Reading Week 2020. 26 classes in… Read more

Children learn about China

Last month the kindergarten children of the European School Munich got to know China. The occasion was the beginning of the new year according to the… Read more

Visite de l'auteure Petra Breuer

Un article de la classe P5 FR.  Le mercredi 19 février, l´auteure Petra Breuer est venue dans la classe P5 FR pour nous renseigner sur le… Read more

Parents and children eat together

Goulash and couscous, ratatouille and salad. This was on the menu on Tuesday, February 4. But unlike usual, the kindergarten children did not eat… Read more

Visit of the Spanish illustrator Daniel Tornero

On Thursday 6 February, the Spanish illustrator Daniel Tornero came to the primary school of the European School Munich to visit the children of the… Read more

Donation to the Salberghaus

Already on 12 December a Christmas market took place in the primary school. All pupils had made little Christmas things, which could be acquired for a… Read more

European Traditions on Three King's Day

On January 6th Three King's Day is celebrated in different ways in many countries around the world. The ESM Kindergarten combined three traditions… Read more