Advent at the Primary School

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The Primary School of the European School Munich was once again highly active in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year. For younger pupils in particular, the festive season is, after all, the highlight of the year and always associated with great expectations. And of course all the Primary School pupils also want to do their part to make the Christmas celebration a success.

A festive start was the visit of St. Nicholas at the beginning of December. He welcomed the P1 and P2 classes, read them stories and praised their academic achievements. The P1 and P2 also visited the "Munich Theatre for Children" to see a production of "Pettersson Celebrates Christmas" based on the children's book by Swedish illustrator and author Sven Nordqvist. Everyone was very happy that these two activities were possible with appropriate precautions despite the pandemic.

Advent is always craft time in the Primary School. Many creative gifts are made for friends and family, but also for the respective partner classes at the ESM. The long corridor at the Fasangarten site is now decorated with a wide variety of window pictures: stars, snowflakes, snow globes, Christmas trees and nativity scene motifs. A nativity scene and Christmas trees also provide the right ambience. The P5DEC class collected wood in the forest and built a Christmas tree from it. The SWALS devoted themselves to gingerbread architecture and built highly appetising-looking houses. Small ones for themselves and large collective works for an exhibition showcase. The result is a colourful Christmas village with great attention to detail, as versatile as the international SWALS section of the ESM.

Of course, Christmas is not only the time for presents in the inner circle. Traditionally, one also takes care of those who are not doing so well. On the initiative of four pupils from class P5DEC, there was a large collection for the Stiftung Kinderzukunft in November. Together with teacher Geesje Akkerman, they prepared the campaign and called for gift packages to be packed for needy children. The parents and children were very generous, so that in the end the colourful parcels stacked man-high could fill almost an entire room. Over 400 parcels were donated. It finally took a truck to pick them up in the second week of December. They are now being taken to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Ukraine. There they will bring great joy to girls and boys in orphanages, clinics, schools and kindergartens, as well as in poor quarters.

Finally, on 14 December, there was a Christmas surprise for all classes of the Primary School. After the Christmas concert unfortunately could not take place due to the stricter Corona rules for indoor music events, the Primary School had thought of a worthy substitute. In the playground, the pupils were greeted by a Mrs. Santa Claus, an angel, a Christmas tree, Rudolf the reindeer and a huge present. There was singing, the school choir performed and the dance group did a choreography. What fun celebration and a successful surprise.

The European School Munich would like to thank all the teachers and staff, the parents, donors and of course the many hard-working Primary School pupils for their commitment, which made this year's pre-Christmas season very special.

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