Children celebrate Dante Alighieri

| News Grundschule

On March 25th the international "Dantedì" took place, the Dante Alighieri Day, which is a holiday in Italy. On this occasion the children of P3 ITA took part in an interesting interdisciplinary activity in distance learning.

Through reading and didactic videos, the children learned about the Sommo Poeta Dante Alighieri, one of the most famous poets of Italy and the European Middle Ages. Dante was born in Florence in 1265 and died in Ravenna in 1321. Italian-language literature began with his work "The Divine Comedy": Dante led Italian to the language of literature, before that poets in Italy wrote Latin. At the age of nine he met a woman named Beatrice, whom he adored all his life. "The Divine Comedy" tells of Dante's journey through hell, to the Purification Mountain, all the way to paradise. In heaven, he hoped to see Beatrice again.

The children read one of Dante's descriptions of sheep and prepared puzzles about animals for their classmates. They also drew comics about Dante and his characters. In some comics Dante addresses you directly and gives some advice. With these collaborative activities, the class was able to take full advantage of the opportunity to explore and discuss Dante and his works together in distance learning.