Laboratory day at the LMU Munich

At the end of January, two S4 classes of the European School Munich took part in a student laboratory course at the LMU as part of their chemistry… Read more

EPO President António Campinos visits the ESM

It is not usually possible to experience an entire school career on just one morning. But the European School Munich is exceptionally pleased that a… Read more

Brexit: And so here it is

Friday, 31st January 2020, was the last day of UK membership to the European Union. The school regrets this step, but we also respect it. Despite… Read more

European Traditions on Three King's Day

On January 6th Three King's Day is celebrated in different ways in many countries around the world. The ESM Kindergarten combined three traditions… Read more

Library Policy Updated

The library policy of the Primary School at the Fasangarten site have been updated. You can download the document here. If the latest version of the… Read more

School Holidays 2022-23

The dates of the School Calendar 2022-23 (school holidays, bank holidays, other off days) have now been approved. You can find the latest list here. … Read more

ESM erhält dritten Umweltschule-Stern

Darauf darf man stolz sein: Am 9. Dezember wurde der Europäischen Schule München der Titel „Umweltschule in Europa / Internationale… Read more

Christmas time in Primary School

Last Thursday St. Nikolaus came to the Primary School of the European School Munich at Fasangarten. The children of the first and second classes… Read more

A celebration of lights

It was the first big joint event in the new kindergarten at the Fasangarten location: On 19 November the light festival took place in the… Read more