Visit of the Spanish illustrator Daniel Tornero

| News Grundschule

On Thursday 6 February, the Spanish illustrator Daniel Tornero came to the primary school of the European School Munich to visit the children of the Spanish section. Tornero is Art Director of the Spanish publishing house Libros de Las Malas Compañías, where he has also published four children's books. One of them is called El dragón que se comió el sol - The dragon who ate the sun. In the primaryschool library he told his funny stories to the kindergarten children and the pupils from the first to fifth grades. The children were allowed to take part: Guess, talk and, above all, laugh along. Señor Tornero underlined the imaginative stories with his self-drawn figures and scenery elements and, of course, with illustrations from his children's books.

You can learn more about Daniel Tornero on his website.