EPO President António Campinos visits the ESM

It is not usually possible to experience an entire school career on just one morning. But the European School Munich is exceptionally pleased that a special guest did try to do just that. The EPO president Mr. António Campinos took the time on Wednesday to visit the nursery and primary school at the Fasangarten site and the secondary school at the Neuperlach site.

The tour commenced with the youngest pupils. Here he and his delegates were shown around the classrooms and the various language groups in the nursery. They then continued to the library, to the SMiLe team and finally also to several primary classrooms. Campinos showed sincere interest in the teachers work. Even the tight schedule did not prevent him from having the pupils explain the math’s exercise to him. His motivating words will surely be remembered by many pupils.

After a short refreshment in the staff room, the choir of the secondary school welcomed António Campinos in Neuperlach.  There was also much to be seen here.  The EPO President was particularly impressed by the high quality of the science and the language teaching at the European School Munich.  It was also interesting to get to know the many committed employees who work in and support the teaching process and ensure the good functioning of the school. Campinos was curious to see how the digitisation would develop in the school in the coming years. To the great delight of all concerned, he praised the European School Munich as a great asset for the staff of his European Patent Office. The visit was also a special honour for the pupils. When the EPO delegation finally headed back, some pupils took the opportunity to pose for photos with António Campinos.

The Management team of the European School Munich would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this compact and varied insight into the school life possible. It is not self-evident that an EPO President should be so intensively involved with the school and the teaching process. The European School Munich is particularly happy that a positive impression of the visit will be remembered on both sides. Having  partners in António Campinos and the European Patent Office, the school community can be confident that in the future, the high quality of teaching at the European School Munich will not only be maintained, but will be continuously improved.