European Traditions on Three King's Day

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On January 6th Three King's Day is celebrated in different ways in many countries around the world. The ESM Kindergarten combined three traditions this year: Trois Roi from France, Reyes Magos from Spain and finally the Italian Befana also visited the kindergarten.

To Trois Roi and Reyes Magos crowns were made so that each child could be king for one day. In each group Galette des Roi and Roscón de Reyes (picture above) were baked. These are French or Spanish King cakes, which, depending on regional tradition, are filled differently and baked from yeast or puff pastry.

Finally, on January 10th, the French and Spanish groups joined together and visited the other groups. They sang their songs to the children and explained the Epiphany customs of their countries. Afterwards, everyone celebrated together with homemade treats and hot chocolate.

At the end of the day the Kindergarten finally celebrated La Befana, a festival that is celebrated in Italy. La Befana is a good witch who visits the children in Italy to bring them presents (picture below). On this occasion, the Italian children of the first and second grade of the primary school came to the Kindergarten and sang a song and recited a poem together with the Italian children of the Kindergarten.