A journey through Europe

| News Kindergarten

International travel is relatively limited at the moment. Nevertheless, the Kindergarten children of the Rainbow Group at the European School Munich went on a kind of journey through Europe during the last two weeks.

They learned about the many countries with the help of a map of Europe for children and a book about a journey of two children through Europe. Together they created a "Europe table" on which various things typical of the countries were placed, such as children's books, soft toys and figures. The children also reported about the different nations. Because some of the children also have parents from China or Japan, the global perspective was also opened up and these countries were also addressed. Together with their parents, the kindergarten children designed a family tree showing which different European countries the families are connected to.

Many countries also mean many languages. The children learned the greeting "Good day" in different languages: Buenos dias, God dag, Здравствуйте, Hyvää päivää, Dzień dobry, Buna ziua, Bonjour, Merhaba, добар ден, καλήμέρα, Goedendag and Buongiorno! They also learned that there are different alphabets in Europe.

As an example of a well-known European artist, the children studied the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and his sunflower paintings. These served as a model for a joint art project.

Finally, the highlight of the trip was the European breakfast. A buffet was set up with culinary delicacies from different countries, which all the children could enjoy together and also get to know new taste experiences.