Eco Days 2021

| News Höhere Schule

In the week before the Christmas holidays, the Eco Days took place at the Secondary School of the European School Munich. The ESM gives the topic of sustainable development a special place. It is also rightly demanded emphatically by the pupils again and again.

Throughout the lessons, the classes set corresponding focal points. In biology lessons, for example, biodiversity was discussed; in chemistry lessons, plastics and sustainable alternatives were discussed; in geography, the many factors that influence the climate were discussed. Physics lessons dealt with different forms of energy production. But it is not only in the natural sciences that there are numerous links to sustainable development. In history lessons, this could be the development of agriculture and industrialisation. In language classes, the rhetoric of environmental activists was analysed, students practised debating or read literature related to nature. In maths lessons, the focus was on dealing with statistics and data on the environment. In the subjects ethics and philosophy, ethical and social issues were discussed, including the effects of global warming and human responsibility. ICT dealt with the sustainable use of computers, smartphones and cloud storage. And sport was also about, among other things, how to keep sports equipment in good working order for as long as possible.

For classes S5 to S7, there were focal points on sustainable development in the context of bring-your-own-device training and of study or career guidance. External guests also gave interesting insights into their work. Antonis Schwarz, for example, spoke on the topic of "Work Green". The 33-year-old is a graduate of the European School Munich, describes himself as an impact investor and philanthropist and is committed to sustainable projects. Among others, Irene Biancarosa, who researches insects for food production for the Italian company Nutrinsect, and the environmental assessor Benoît Hazebrouck presented their career paths in the sustainable development sector. Erik Frank from the Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology at the University of Würzburg reported from the world of science. Thus, the speakers exemplarily presented many different career paths and possibilities for life after school.

Finally, on the last day of school before the holidays, the pupils of years S1 to S4 made small Christmas presents from recycled materials. With the active support of the tutors, they made purses out of tetrapaks, animal figures out of toilet paper rolls or sustainable gift wrappings and bags. Perhaps one or the other work will soon be found under the Christmas tree.

The European School Munich would like to thank all the teachers who were involved in organising and running the Eco Days and all the students who helped with the programme or followed it with interest.