Alice in Wonderland at the Pepper Theatre

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The theatre group of the ESM shows:

Alice in Wonderland based on the children's book by British author Lewis Carroll.

The timeless story of the little girl Alice, who follows a white rabbit with a pocket watch down the rabbit hole and ends up in a dream world - Wonderland, populated by bizarre characters such as the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, strange twins, singing fake turtles, smoking caterpillars and, of course, the Queen of Hearts and her court of playing cards. The fact that Alice is constantly getting bigger or smaller and thus somehow always getting in trouble; and also that the environment is constantly changing, does not exactly make it easy for Alice to find her way out of Wonderland back home and to herself. The play is performed by ESM students from P5 to S7.

A recording of the staging can be seen here: