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Music is a universal language. It can build bridges between people of different languages and nationalities. The European School Munich is therefore very pleased to announce that the Music Seminar, in cooperation with the Parents' Association, offers a diverse programme of singing and instrumental lessons in individual and group settings. Registration is currently open for interested students.  

The Music Seminar of the European School Munich was founded by Katerina Stegemann in the school year 2013/14. Today, she coordinates a team of about fifty instrumental and vocal teachers, including music teachers from the ESM, lecturers from the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, members of the Bavarian State Opera Choir and Orchestra, the Munich Symphony Orchestra, as well as other experienced, multilingual and highly qualified educators and musicians from the Munich area. Through the music seminar, the pupils of the Primary and Secondary Schools of the ESM get the opportunity to learn musical instruments or singing directly at the ESM. They can also use free lessons for this purpose.  

In addition to singing lessons, the music seminar at the European School Munich also offers lessons for string, keyboard, plucked, woodwind and brass instruments as well as percussion:  

  • Classical singing, jazz, rock, pop   
  • Violin, viola, violoncello, double bass   
  • Transverse flute, recorder, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone   
  • Trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba   
  • Piano, keyboard, harpsichord, organ   
  • Guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, dulcimer, harp   
  • Drums, percussion  

Lessons are offered on a weekly basis. In addition to the basics of singing or playing an instrument, students learn songs and works from classical, pop, rock and jazz music. Learning content includes the basics of notation, harmony and music theory. It is also possible to choose to learn song accompaniment, composition and improvisation.  

In addition, the European School Munich offers its students the opportunity to play in various chamber music and instrumental groups or in the student band, orchestra or big band of the Primary and Secondary School. Concerts are held regularly. Since the foundation of the music seminar, the pupils have won prizes in the "Jugend musiziert" competition, the "Tamino Talent Competition for Composing Children" and other instrumental and composition competitions. Some also successfully passed the examination at the London Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), the world's leading institute for music examinations. In addition to fostering the joy of making music, the music seminar thus also prepares students for the A-levels or for studies at a conservatoire.  

The instrumental and singing lessons are offered in individual and group lessons at the ESM in cooperation with the Parents' Association of the European School Munich. Lessons can also be booked during the school year via the booking system of the Parents' Association's extra-curricular activities. The courses start from the third week of school. It is also possible to change instruments during the school year. Professional advice is also available by e-mail.  

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