Pupils create newspapers

| News Grundschule

It is a nice tradition at the Primary School of the European School Munich that the pupils create their own magazines for their own and also other classes. This results in lovely handicrafts full of drawings and self-written articles. These are about everything that interests the pupils at the moment: Interviews with new classmates or the teachers, handicraft instructions, small holiday reports, reports on hobbies and traditions from the pupils' countries.

One of these newspapers, that of John Whinder's English-speaking class, is called "Happynings". The current issue was published in June, this time with a focus on the environment and sustainable development. This time it has become particularly comprehensive. It may be the last issue of "Happynings", as the current 5th grade will be moving on to higher education next school year. But don't worry: there will certainly be a successor to the newspaper.

Here we share once again the very creative front pages of the last issues.

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