St. Martin's Day Lantern Parade

| News Kindergarten

On Saint Martin's Day, 11 November, the Kindergarten of the European School Munich organised a lantern procession. Already in the days before, the Kindergarten groups had dealt with St. Martin. They learned who St. Martin was and why we celebrate this day. Of course they sang many songs, read the appropriate stories and finally each child made their own lantern. Already in the morning, all groups met on the small wooden stage in the schoolyard of the Primary School for a dress rehearsal of the St. Martin songs: Rabimmel, rabammel, rabumm!

Finally, things got really exciting in the evening. The Kindergarten children met with their parents near the school. In the shape of a star, they all walked towards the school with their self-made lanterns. The lanterns shone in the darkness and the lantern songs added to the atmosphere. After there was also singing on stage, this was rewarded with a strong applause from the parents. Afterwards, each child received a St. Martin's goose made of sweet biscuits. Since St. Martin stands for sharing, the geese were shared with family or friends. The European School Munich would like to thank all the organisers and participants for this wonderful experience for the children, especially the Parents' Association who provided the delicious geese.