Start of the cooperation project "KlimaRatSchule" at the ESM

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The field of "sustainable development" has been an important teaching objective at the ESM for a long time. Pupils deal with the topic in various projects and develop creative approaches for more environmental awareness in everyday school life.

Last year, for example, about 20 pupils got involved in the "Safe Academy" in various projects, e.g. installing solar panels or maintaining the green roofs of the school buildings.

This year, the ESM is going one step further and participates in the initiative "KlimaRatSchule" of the non-profit association "Green City e.V.". At the official kick-off event on September 20, School Director Anton Hrovath and Veronika Fröhlich, Deputy Head of Education at Green City, signed the cooperation agreement in the presence of the student project group and the supervising team of teachers. 

The "KlimaRatSchule" project aims to further improve the climate balance and sustainability culture of the participating schools with a multi-stage project plan. The first step is to take an inventory of the current situation in the four fields of energy, mobility, procurement and nutrition. The actual data collected is evaluated in a tool called the "CO2 calculator". In a second step, a "climate council" is formed from 50 students of the ESM. Here, possible measures to improve the climate balance and a roadmap for implementation are discussed. The implementation of the measures with a final evaluation will be the final step. 

School Director Anton Hrovath is happy about the cooperation: "The project fits perfectly into our school focus on sustainability and helps to further professionalise the work of the students in exchange with Green City. The educational aspect of the project work is also very important to us. We want to turn our students into 'active learners' who acquire and pass on knowledge and skills themselves."