European Easter Greetings

| News Grundschule

In the week before Easter, the Swedish and Slovakian schoolchildren of P5 got to know an old Danish Easter tradition.

Before Easter, children in Denmark make so-called Gækkebreve (English: a letter to lead you astray). They then send the Gækkebreve anonymously to relatives and friends.

Gækkebreve are folded paper pages that the children painstakingly cut to create elaborate patterns. The letters contain a small spring poem and a pressed snowdrop.   

The senders do not leave a name, but replace the letters of their name with dots. The recipient has to guess the sender of the Gækkebrev. If he does not succeed before Easter, he must give the sender an Easter egg.

After making the Gækkebreve, the schoolchildren also learned about other European Easter customs: They learned, for example, that in Slovakia women are sprinkled with water and that there is an Easter witch in Sweden. So it was not only a nice get-together before the Easter holidays, the children's cultural horizons were also broadened.