ESM Sports Challenge 2021

| News Höhere Schule

It is not only difficult for pupils to motivate themselves to exercise in times of pandemic and closed sports facilities. Yet it is especially important now to create a physical balance. The sports department of the European School Munich's Secondary School therefore launched the ESM Sports Challenge at the end of January. They motivated their classes to find a sporting goal and document it. The results are now available.

The teachers accompanied the projects and helped with the training plan, for example. They are highly satisfied with the results: many ESM pupils were able to achieve their self-imposed goals and they put a lot of effort into documenting their challenges via video or with text and pictures.

For example, some of them learned to do handstands or the splits, they jogged and cycled hundreds of kilometres or set new personal records in rope skipping, pull-ups or sit-ups. Others taught themselves to ride a unicycle, to juggle or to dance. And if the goal could not quite be reached yet: That's not so bad. Participating in the Challenge was a great success for everyone and a welcome change from lessons at home. Many want to continue their training even after the official end of the competition.

Those who are looking for a new task can also get inspiration from their fellow students. A selection of the challenge documentation can be found on the ESM pinboard. It is necessary to log in via Microsoft access with the identifier.